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MARPI presents BAT

BAT project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under the Grant Agreement No:866958.

Single equipment for chocolate production.

The chocolate and cocoa market is a highly evolving market but cocoa is still one of the products that goes through the greatest number of stages before consumption, and the quality of the finished product depends on the many steps and treatments it undergoes.

BAT combines the chocolate processing steps into a single stage as a replacement for the current production system which requires the sequential use of multiple machines.

It starts from the cocoa beans, combining the functions of 3/5 different machines, it is a true industrial revolution in the chocolate refining industry.

With BAT, chocolate manufacturers will no longer be compelled to manage a whole set of expensive, bulky and energy-intensive machines; with a single piece of equipment they'll be able to obtain the chocolate they need to manufacture the consumer-ready finished product.

The strength of BAT :